scarf tops

Oh my collection of scarves just got relevant again

I need to step my scarf game up. I have goals now

I’ve always wanted to do.this
But these G cups…. ion kno

^ forreal :(

Who this ?


There’s a way you can do this with large scarves to make a strapless or halter hi-low maxi dress. It work well with large cup sizes and I do it all the time when I get tired of bras.

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i always prefer to be cold than warm bc if ur cold you can get blankets and tea and soup and hug somebody

when ur warm ur just like ‘ew get away from me, let me perish in my own liquids’

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Leslie Knope tries impressions and accents


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Don’t kiss her just to kiss her.

Don’t kiss her as a joke, a dare, or an experiment.
Don’t kiss her expecting something in return.
Don’t kiss her as a pass time, or hobby, or for bragging rights.
Don’t kiss her because everyone wants you to.

Kiss her because she’s beautiful.
Kiss her because her presence is intoxicating
Kiss her because her mouth curls upward like tendrils of smoke
Kiss her because her smile sets you on fire.
Kiss her because her lips are oxygen, and without them, you’ll suffocate.

Don’t kiss her because you can.
Don’t kiss her because you want to,
Kiss her because you need to.

" — Kiss Her by D.M.P (via keepin-it-classy-upin-this-bitch)

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this is performance art

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space print shirt - $18.27
Fresh as helll
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an epic saga

this is the woman married to chris pratt
she’s perfect

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i think it’s cute when someone admits they have a crush on you

i think it’s a fucking miracle 

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I will take 20.

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Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster

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"it hurts to become"

I'm Laura and I'm a chubby, queer, 21 year old cosmetologist in NC.
Some days I'm feminine, some days I'm masculine. I like to switch it up.
I love lizards, birds, corgis, cats, animals in general, makeup, beards, crafting, theatre arts, coupons, food, snakes, tattoos, and poetry.

snapchat/instagram/twitter: qualitykoalatea